Being insecure in a relationship destroys intimacy

Insecurity is part of the human experience. We all suffer from it to varying degrees and over different aspects of who we are. This insecurity seeps into our relationships. More often than not, we begin to deal with the symptoms instead of going straight to the source. 

Being insecure can ruin a relationship

Relationships suffer from insecurity. Why? Because they cause you to run and hide, to be emotionally unavailable, to shield your real self and thereby avoid intimacy. Your insecurities do not have to overwhelm and dominate your life. Truth is, they are all show with no substance, all bark with no bite. 

You’ve already been freed

Your insecurity began at the Fall. When Adam and Eve fell away from God’s perfect will, they hid their nakedness in shame. There was nothing wrong with them. God made them and said they were good. God declared goodness over creation and then stepped back and rested. That is until we humans decided we’d rather do things our own way. Suddenly we saw flaws that even God had not seen. 

God didn’t leave us in that mess. Jesus came to earth to reconnect us to the One who first called us good. You see, we have already been freed from our insecurities and declared whole. 

The truth is you are not enough. But Jesus is. 

You become what you believe, not in the sense of “name it claim it,” but when you believe what God has declared over you, then and only then will you start living into it. God has already said what your reality is. He never called you to live a life where you were forgiven but not free. From the very beginning of creation, God looked on you and said you were perfectly and beautifully made. 

Once you begin to understand, embrace and believe that you have been made whole and good through the redeeming work of Jesus, you will begin to look into that mirror and see the goodness. Once you embrace the beautiful creation that you are, once you begin to grasp that you were made in the image of God (the Imago Dei), then and only then can true intimacy be found in your relationships. Stop sabotaging your peace. Start living into your worth.