Alternative church: Erasing the line between the Christian and the skeptic

When you go to a church service, who is sitting next to you? A fellow Christian? Probably. This isn’t necessarily wrong in itself, but if Jesus were physically present on earth right now, who would he be sitting next to? Would he be in church with the Christians or would he be somewhere else with the skeptics, the outcast or the sick? If the Bible tells us anything, we know where He would be:

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17)

This is what Jesus says when the Pharisees witness him dining with tax collectors who, in case you were wondering, were considered despicable in the eyes of the Pharisees. But, this is who Jesus came for. Not the religiously righteous, but the despicable, the outcast and the spiritually impoverished.

Let’s sit with tax collectors

Ask yourself, who is the modern church more similar to: the Pharisees or Jesus? The Pharisees were followers of the Law. They knew every command in the scriptures and sought to see these commands followed through. Yet, their interpretations of the Law frequently condemned others and set themselves apart as something better and higher.

Does that sound familiar? Do you know Christians who do this? Do you do this?

Look. We love you. No matter who you are. And that is the point. Whether you come from a religiously righteous background or if you have been an outsider like the tax collectors, Jesus loves you and so do we. That is why we founded an alternative church.

A fellowship of Jesus followers and skeptics

Too often, Christians have drawn a line between the believers and the non-believers, as though there should be some border between us. We fear engaging with non-believers for fear that they’ll corrupt the church or ruin our false image of perfection. Well, that’s not what we believe at Centerpoint.

At Centerpoint, we’re not too good for anybody. Are you a Christian who hasn’t found a home? We are a home for you. Not a believer? Not a problem. We just want to love you as Jesus wants us to -- without any expectations of something in return.

Let us show you the love that other churches too often fail to display. Let us dine with you and shock the Pharisees of the modern world with something better. Something more along the lines of what Jesus would do.