How to be transparent and reflect Jesus’ love

In order to love others, we must be fully loved by Jesus. In order to be fully loved, we must be fully known. Often this is difficult because we place expectations on Jesus and believe he has expectations of us.

These expectations are often not truly there. Jesus asks us to follow him. He doesn't tell us to get our crap together first. He wants us to simply follow; the rest will fall in line as we begin to engage God honestly.

Fully known

The people Jesus interacts within the New Testament are transparent, and their lives are transformed for it. Their transparency allows for Jesus' light to shine fully through them and transform others.

Your need can shift the narrative of your life. But you have to recognize that need and be honest and transparent. The Samaritan woman (John 4) needed to be seen and fully known before she could see that Jesus, the Messiah, was standing in front of her offering her fulfillment.

Fully loved

You, my friend, are fully loved. It is that simple. There is nothing you have to do to earn this. But to understand that love you have to lay all of you out in the open for Jesus.


Have you ever kept a secret from a loved one and then felt the distance between you both grow? Jesus isn’t holding anything back from you. But are you holding back from him?

Believing that you are not loved fully by Jesus is you projecting your fears and keeping secrets. Let go of them and accept that you are fully known. Jesus can see all your flaws anyway. You have to be willing to accept his love. He came for you before you ever repented. He looked at you and felt compassion and love. He saw you and loved you long before you ever knew of him.

Let him in.

Love others

If you want to live a transparent life you have to remember your life is not about you. Your story isn't for your own benefit; it's to shine God's light for others to see. That same love Jesus has for you, He has for everyone your life touches.

Think for a moment of the blind man found in John 9. The disciples ask Jesus why the man is blind, and in verse 3, Jesus answers, "This happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him."

When you share your story with others, can they see the love of God in you?

Have you been honest enough with Jesus that those broken places are being filled by His light and love? Are you reflecting Jesus' love or are you to busy hiding secrets Jesus already knows?