How to keep high school students in church

Velocity is our middle and high school youth group that meets in Valrico at Centerpoint Church every Wednesday night.

At Velocity we want your kids to know Jesus and make connections with friends that will last. Your teen is approaching adulthood quickly. We don’t want them to think church only happens while they live at home.  

We’re on a mission to show your middle and high school students that they are a vital part of our community NOW.

What to expect

6th to 12th graders have the potential to change the world. So, we’ve set out to inspire them to do just that. We created an environment to inspire youth to live a gospel-centered life. Velocity challenges them to reach out to friends here in Valrico to tell them about Jesus. We want them to enjoy crazy games, loud music, and fun in a healthy affirming environment. This is a place where they can come as they are. It's a place where they can feel safe and comfortable to be different and ask hard questions.

We know Valrico and Brandon have a lot to offer your teens. Schedules fill fast with extracurriculars, after-school jobs, homework, and local events. We hope that Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM is a time your high school students won't want to miss!

Where to find us

Conveniently located on the corner of S. Miller Rd and Durant, just follow the orange cones for drop off and pick up. If it's your teens first night with us, park and come in. We want to meet you. Check your kid in the first night, so we know how to contact you in case of emergencies.

Centerpoint Church is an alternative to church as usual. Our middle and high school youth group in Valrico holds that same mission. We are tearing down every unnecessary barrier. We want your teens to feel safe to come as they are and to hear about Jesus, whether they buy into everything we say or not.

Come check us out!

Stay up to date

Velocity offers various events throughout the year.

Parent information nights happen once a month. Someone from our team will meet with you and answer questions.

The latest updates regarding upcoming youth group activities in Valrico (and some, like camp, further away) are available by subscribing to our mailing list or following us on Instagram.