Why your middle schooler will love Velocity

Hanging out with middle schoolers in Valrico is a calling we are grateful for. Not everyone can take on the energy they bring, but our leaders at Velocity thrive on it!

We aren't looking to extinguish your middle schooler's fire. In fact, we want it to burn brighter! To do this, we created an environment where they are encouraged to come as they are and have fun.

What is Velocity

Velocity is our high school and middle school youth group that meets in Valrico at Centerpoint Church every Wednesday night.

At Velocity we want your kids to know Jesus and make connections with friends that will last. High school is just around the corner for your kids. We want to equip them for what will be some of the most defining moments of their lives.  

We’re on a mission to show your teens that they are a vital part of our community NOW.

Middle schoolers are world changers

6th to 12th graders have the potential to change the world. So we’ve set out to inspire them to do just that. We want to inspire the next generation to live a gospel-centered life. We want them to enjoy crazy games, loud music, and fun in a healthy affirming environment. This is a place where they can feel safe and comfortable enough to be different. We encourage hard questions and want them to bring friends.

We hope that Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM is a time your middle school students won't want to miss!

We are in Valrico

Centerpoint Church is located on the corner of S. Miller Rd and Durant in Valrico. Enter on Durant and follow the orange cones in the drive for drop off and pick up. If it’s your teens first night with us, park and come in. We want to meet you and know who to contact in case of emergencies.

Centerpoint Church is an alternative to church as usual. Our high school and middle school youth group in Valrico holds that same mission. We are tearing down every necessary barrier. Your teen doesn’t have to believe everything we say. In fact, we want them to bring hard questions.

Find out more

Velocity offers various events throughout the year.

Parent information nights happen once a month where someone from our team will meet with you and answer questions.

The latest updates about upcoming middle school youth group activities are available by subscribing to our mailing list or following us on Instagram.