Five reasons you should try a non-denominational church

Did you grow up in one of the BIG denominations: Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic? Do you live in the Plant City, Florida, area and are wondering what a non-denominational church has to offer?

We can’t speak for every non-denominational church in Tampa or even Plant City, but here are five reasons you should try Centerpoint.

Tired of ritual

There is a time and place for ritual. For some, ritual creates an atmosphere of worship. For others, it is distraction.

As a non-denominational church near Plant City, we understand that the fancy trappings that need polished words and actual silver polish can be intimidating. It feels like grandma’s faith, not ours. Centerpoint strips away the ritual, leaving room to explore the words and works of Christ. You won’t need a Ph.D in church language to worship with us.

Looking for a “come as you are” atmosphere

Centerpoint believes in creating relevant environments. The church welcomes everyone just as they are. As a non-denominational church serving Plant City, Brandon, Valrico and the Bloomingdale area, we know that those headed our way have a wide range of styles, livelihood and comfort levels. That’s why everyone is welcome exactly as they are.

If you love putting on your Sunday best, do it. If you want to show up in a t-shirt and shorts, then you are perfect. Headed to work in a uniform? Not a problem. High heels, flip-flops and sneakers are all welcome. Come ready to worship. All we ask is that you come.

Celebrate diversity

People are leaving traditional denominations and joining non-denominational churches because they desire diversity. Traditional churches have a history of segregation. Sometimes the best way to take the next step is to start with a clean slate.

At Centerpoint, we take intentional steps to create a multi-cultural church representative of the surrounding community. We hope you will add your rich history to our family to make it a better more welcoming place to all.

Desiring a challenge

Churches don’t always challenge us. Let’s be honest, if you’ve grown up in the church and asked a tough question you’ve probably been met with “because the Bible says so.” At Centerpoint, we believe that hard questions should be asked and explored.

We are creating a space for the religious, the irreligious, the skeptic, the cynic, those without hope, those feeling lost and those who are giving this one more shot. Doubt is welcome. Curiosity encouraged.

Give voice to the voiceless and serve the outcasts

Centerpoint is striving to be the safest place in the world for anyone who is struggling with anything. Our goal is to create a space where those who have felt unheard and unwelcome are embraced and loved exactly as they are.

Give us a try this Sunday! What have you got to lose?