How This Modern Church in Brandon, FL, is Creating Safe Places

Modern churches, like Centerpoint in Brandon, Florida, are amplifying the truths of Scripture to a world that has fallen deaf to church tradition. They focus on community, are Christ-centered, address today’s culture and create environments and experiences that connect with the modern person.

What to wear

Modern churches cater to the community in which they serve. Centerpoint serves the Brandon, Valrico and surrounding areas and draws a multi-cultural crowd from the community. Everyone is invited to come as they are. If you are comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, you are as welcome as the one who can't shake grandmother's influence of starched shirts and ties.

What to expect

From the moment you pull into the parking lot you will find people serving. A friendly smile directs you to an open place to park. People are scattered throughout, greeting you at various locations.

You won’t find stuffy, incense-filled sanctuaries or pipe organs playing hymns from the 1700s. Instead, you’ll find an atmosphere tailored to draw you into worship. The atmosphere distracts from the outside noise and pulls your focus towards God.

The sermons are Christ-centered. Each one delivered for both the skeptic and the scholar. The message is both relevant and inviting. Knowledge of the Bible is not assumed, but depth is not sacrificed.

Church isn’t a place

Church is a gathering of people, it’s not a building. The modern church is not tied to the address or the need for a ritualistic gathering. The people and relationships found there are what make Centerpoint a church.

Authentic communities are being built around modern day issues. Barriers that have kept many from church are being torn down. Christ is being followed and proclaimed in areas where the church of the past has failed. The modern church is a group of people actively serving. They are digging into the question of what it means to love one’s neighbor as Christ commanded. They have hard questions and want more then the pat Sunday School answer they've been given in the past.

Want to know more? A letter from the pastor, the mission, vision and core values of Centerpoint can be found here.