It’s Time To Get Awkward With Your Neighbors

Have you gotten uncomfortable with your neighbors yet? I don’t mean the awkward where they find you mowing the lawn in your Speedo. Let’s not do that. I mean the awkward that gets you out of your comfort zone and engaging with the people around you.

How many neighbors do you know?

Go stand in your driveway. Yes. Right now. I’m not going anywhere, in fact since chances are high you’re reading this on a mobile device, just take me with you.

I want you to take a long look to your left and your right. How many houses are on your street? How many of the people living a few steps from your front door have you met? Do you know what they spend their time doing? What their jobs are? What they are struggling with?

You have an opportunity to invest in the lives of everyone you come in contact with. Do not hide behind closed doors. Do not hide in the comfort of your own living room when literally ten feet away there is someone God has called you to serve.

Let’s get started

You know, there is a solution to the problem in front of you. Yes, I know it is uncomfortable, but hasn’t that been the whole point of this entire series. God is calling us to do the uncomfortable.

So here it is. The moment of truth. We’re standing in your driveway looking at houses wondering how do I do this. Well, you knock on the door. Go to the first house and knock. If no one answers go to the next. Once you have an answer, a simple, “Hi, I’m _____. I was out for a walk and realized I’ve never met you and wanted to introduce myself. I live at that house ___ doors down.”

Now put up the phone and start walking. Come back and tell us how it went. We’ll be here waiting to hear how simply knocking on the door helped you “reach the one.”