Three Uncomfortable Things You Can Do Today

When we talk about getting stuck in comfort are you left wondering what you can do right now to get unstuck? Start by reading It’s Time To Get Awkward With Your Neighbors. Then come back and work your way through these three uncomfortable things you can do today.

Take a coworker to lunch

Do you dread sitting across the table from someone you have nothing in common with? Good news! You do have something in common with your coworkers. You work together. If that’s as deep as your relationship goes then it’s time to take it to the next level.

This isn’t a hard one. It’s a simple ask, “Hey, can I buy you lunch?” Then get to know him or her. Personal relationships lead to opportunities to share God's message of forgiveness through Christ. The trick is before you can share you have to build authentic relationships.

Shop local and ethical

It’s easy to skip the small local business for the discount bin. But truthfully is it more stuff that you need or more connection? Get to know the people in your community by supporting their businesses and talking with the workers.

Those big discount stores are able to provide you with the best deals because they are taking advantage of the ones working the fields or sewing the clothes. To really impact the world, do a little digging and find out if your purchase is funding a system that promotes modern day slavery.

At Centerpoint, we take intentional steps to create a multi-cultural church that is representative of the surrounding community. But in order to do this fully we can’t hide in our church walls and wish for others to visit us. We have to go out in the community and get to know our neighbors. How? Start with your pocket book.

Stop shopping at stores where everyone looks and sounds like you. Live a little! Go have some fun! Shop at small businesses owned by people with different ethnicities, sexual orientation, and political leanings. Get to know them by asking questions about their store. Listen more than you speak and learn their story.

Still need ideas on how to start? Read How To Shop Ethically.

Meet the need

Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas are full of opportunities to step out of your comfort and serve. In fact, we’ve made it easy for you to start serving today.

Go to and enter in dates that you are available. A list of opportunities will appear. Select the one that is right for you. Details and directions will pop up. You can confirm your involvement directly on the website. We’ve taken the hard out of getting started. All you have to do is show up.

Come back and tell us how these three uncomfortable things blessed not just the one you reached out to, but also you.