Why youth group is about more than the music

Our high school youth group, Velocity, has great music. You can follow along @ccvlcty on Instagram to see teens and leaders celebrating together. You're welcome to sit in the back and worship with us. But we are about more than singing songs.

Our music is loud, energetic and inviting. It welcomes everyone participating into the joy of worshipping God. The music challenges teens to dig deeper, to think through and ask questions of the words they are hearing.

At Velocity we believe in the next generation and their potential to change the world. We don’t want teens to come only because their parents make them. We are looking to build a deeper faith that sticks. One they will take with them long after youth group ends.

How? By inspiring students to live a gospel-centered life and challenging them to lead others toward Jesus. We encourage them to ask the hard questions in a safe place in order to grow a long-term faith. So often we have heard, and some of us have experienced, leaving home only to abandon the church we grew up in. In the midst of college and adulting we find the simple answers given us as kids are not enough to sustain.

At Centerpoint, we do things different. We don't believe in giving pat answers to tough questions. We believe in exploring those questions and seeing where the Holy Spirit and God's Word takes us. That same philosophy of "an alternative to church as usual" is poured into our middle and high school students.

Yes, there are crazy games, loud music and fun with friends, but youth group is about so much more. We’re learning to live a Christ-centered life and we aren’t shying away from the complexity of what that means in today’s culture.

Velocity isn’t a bunch of pretty songs and a way to blow off energy mid-week. We aren’t a list of dos and don’ts. We are a safe place where kids come to ask hard questions and do life together.

To learn more about the philosophy behind our youth ministry visit www.fulleryouthinstitute.org/stickyfaith.

Velocity meets Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m.

Additionally, Velocity hosts a variety of special events throughout the year.