Curious who Jesus is and if He matters?

Velocity, Centerpoint’s high school youth group in Brandon, is full of young men and women who are world changers. Leaders of Velocity seek to share truth, inspire students to live a gospel-centered life, and challenge them to lead others toward Jesus. And all of this is done while enjoying crazy games, loud music and fun with friends. This group isn’t afraid of the hard questions, in fact they encourage them.


High school students who spend their Wednesday nights at Velocity in Brandon, hold the potential to change the world. They are digging in deep, asking real questions and showing all of us what it means to love our neighbors well.

They aren’t just showing up Wednesday nights for the fun, though that is a big part of Velocity. They are there to worship, learn and serve. They are showing up on Sundays to serve in the Kid’s Ministry, on the parking team, in the cafe and on the media team. These world-changers are getting involved in the community. They are doing big things as we Serve Our City in Brandon and the Tampa Bay area.

Members of Velocity are an integrated part of our church community, and we are better because of them.


What does it mean when a high school youth group in Brandon commit itself to being Gospel-centered? It means that these teens are being grounded in the word. Students have the opportunity to explore their doubt and curiosity in a safe and loving environment.

At Velocity, we don’t shy away from the skeptics. The world throws enough confusion at our teens. We point them toward Scripture and make room for hard questions.

Safe spaces

Centerpoint is striving to be the safest place in the world for anyone.  Our desire is to create a space where those who have felt unheard and unwelcome are loved exactly as they are. That means you can ask any question you have as a high school student regarding Jesus, the Christian faith, culture, ANYTHING. Let’s work together to find the answers you crave. Our leaders won’t answer “because the BIble says so.” Instead, you are more likely to hear, “let’s find the answer to that together.”

At Velocity, we encourage middle and high school students to come exactly as they are. Don’t hide your identity. The truth is that you were beautifully and wonderfully made by a loving God. You are welcome as you are.

Join us this Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.