Out of bounds: How to recognize when things go too far

Sin is a big deal because it hurts God and others. We’ve been talking about putting out rumble strips to redirect us. These rumble strips are kept in the safety zone, not the danger zone. They are an indicator that we need to pay attention. When we cross them and keep going in that direction then things will not end well.  

There are times when we may not realize we’ve crossed a rumble strip and keep going. Or there are times when we did not recognize the danger and did not put up adequate warnings. So how do we recognize when things are going too far?

Heart checks

What you think about is what you become. How is your heart doing today? Are you dwelling on what is true and good or are you focusing in on what makes you feel good?

Above all else, guard your heart,

   for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

If you leave your heart unchecked long enough, it will show up in your behavior. You are only as whole and healthy as your heart and soul are. Listen for your rumble strips and adapt your life to adopt new ones when problems begin to arrive.

Sin is a big deal. It points out that all of us are broken and need help. We can’t do anything about it on our own. Only Jesus can restore our brokenness. Our need is that Jesus come in and change us from the inside out. It is about more than what is seen on the outside, you and I need a complete and total transformation of our hearts.  

Perform a heart check. Are you focusing on what matters? Are you living into the greatest of all commands to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37)?

People checks

People can be both problematic and helpful when you have gone too far. Beware of problematic people, the ones who would encourage you toward danger. They are the ones who constantly tell you that you deserve to feel happy and do something for yourself for a change. Don’t adopt the same standards as those who do not have the same dreams.

When you feel your heart drift, you need to tell somebody. Having a supportive community around you who does have the same goals as you will help you identify when you have gone off track. When you speak, your temptations you diffuse them. Secrets grow in the dark. Shed light on them with someone who will hold you accountable.

It’s better to hit a bump then to crash your life into a wall.

How you love the people around you is an indicator of whether you are out of bounds. Jesus said that our first job was to love God and our second was to love our neighbors. If the order is skewed and you find your desires are more of a priority then God or others then it is time to get back on course.  

Mouth checks

The mouth is the indicator of the heart. How you impact other people is a measure by which you can see how far you have gone? Sin hurts others. It distorts love. When you hurt the people God loves you hurt God.

Mistreating other people puts us at odds with God. If you want to truly love God then you love and care for the people around you that God has made in his image. The words you say are a mirror of your heart.

Baggage check

What baggage are you carrying? Guilt and shame will lead you to keeping secrets. Anger finds its way, if undealt with, into every season and every relationship in your life. Greed is the assumption that everything is for your consumption. Jealousy says that life owes you and celebrates the failures of others.

If you have found that you are out of bounds, know that it is never too late. Discover more: https://soundcloud.com/centerpointfl/rumble-strip-sex-relationships?in=centerpointfl/sets/rumble-strip