Seven reasons you should try this non-denominational church near Brandon

A non-denominational church is independent of a larger governing body. The church stands on its own merit, unattached to the politics of conventions, presbyteries or governing bodies that are not actively involved in the local church. Centerpoint is a non-denominational church in the Brandon/Valrico community that is able to make decisions that minister directly to the local community.

Here are seven reasons why the people in Brandon should give Centerpoint a try.

Active in the community

Service is an important part of our culture. At Centerpoint, we shower love on those that may never be able to give anything in return. We partner with a variety of non-profit organizations to bring hope and care to those in need. Learn more about how Centerpoint Serves Our City.

Breaking through barriers of tradition

As a non-denominational church in Brandon, we understand that the fancy trappings of tradition can be intimidating. Church shouldn’t be as fragile as grandma’s china. Centerpoint strips away the stiffness of tradition and exposes the words and works of Christ. There is no secret language or handshake required. Come and ask who this Jesus guy we talk so much about actually is.

Celebrate diversity

At Centerpoint, we take intentional steps to create a multi-cultural church representative of the surrounding community. We hope you will add your rich history to our family to make it a better more welcoming place for all.

Questions encouraged

Questions aren’t always encouraged at church, but they are at Centerpoint. We don’t give trite answers like “because the Bible says so.” Instead, we want people to dig in deeper and search out the answers. Hard questions should be asked and explored. Doubt is welcome. Curiosity encouraged.

This non-denominational church is carving out a space for the religious, the irreligious, the skeptic, the cynic, those without hope, those feeling lost and those who are giving this one more shot to come together and explore Scripture.  

Come as you are

I bet you’ve heard come as you are before, only to arrive wishing you’d worn more button-up attire. At Centerpoint, we mean it. Come in your flip-flops, your t-shirt, your gym clothes… just come. We welcome everyone as they are. As a non-denominational church serving Brandon and the Tampa Bay area, we have a steady stream of visitors from every walk of life.

A safe place to be you

Centerpoint is striving to be the safest place in the world for anyone. Our desire is to create a space where those who have felt unheard and unwelcome are loved exactly as they are.


We are a Jesus church. We believe that we have been called to be the physical representation of Jesus in our city, and eventually, our nation. Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through connecting, serving and reaching.

Give us a try this Sunday! We look forward to meeting you.