Why middle school youth groups are important

Middle schoolers have the kind of energy we wish we could bottle. Centerpoint Church has a ministry for them that is fun, exciting, and will wear them out before sending them home. Velocity is a middle school youth group in Brandon that thrives on igniting your young teen’s heart and soul for God.

We’ve created an environment for middle and high school students where they can come as they are and have fun. There is plenty of pain and rejection in the world, let us love on your kids and show them they truly are made with purpose.

What is Velocity?

Velocity is our high school and middle school youth group that meets in Brandon at Centerpoint Church’s south campus Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m.

Middle school is a vital time in life for kids to learn that they are not alone. Our church community has their back, and more importantly so does Jesus. They will make connections with friends that will last a lifetime. High school is right around the corner, together let’s equip them for what will be some of the most defining moments of their lives.  

We’re on a mission to show your teens that they are a vital part of our community NOW. They are world-changers! Together, we are working to ground them in Scripture and to make their faith their own. Velocity is the place where this is happening!

Middle schoolers are world changers

We can’t say it enough. These kids in Brandon and the surrounding area have the potential to change the world! We see the spark in their eyes and the desire to do BIG things. At Velocity, we’ve set out to inspire them to do just that. We want them to enjoy crazy games, loud music and fun in a healthy and affirming environment. But more importantly, we want to lead them to live gospel-centered lives now and for years to come.

We are in Brandon

Centerpoint Church’s south campus is on the corner of S. Miller Road and Durant. Enter on Durant and follow the orange cones in the drive for drop off and pick up. Feel free to come in with your teen. In fact on the first night, we encourage it. We want to meet you and know who to contact in case of emergencies.

Our middle school youth group in Brandon holds the same values as the church. We are tearing down every necessary barrier that keeps people from encountering Jesus. Your teen doesn’t have to believe everything we say. In fact, encourage them to bring hard questions.

Find out more

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