Centerpoint Worship Audition Application

Overview: One of our goals at Centerpoint Church is to serve our community by removing all unnecessary barriers to the Gospel. We want people to come as they are rather than feel as though they need to look, act, speak, or believe a certain way. As a worship team we want to mirror that goal by removing any barriers that prevent those who want to serve from serving. Though there are standards that we like to uphold, we don’t ask anything unreasonable from you.

All we ask is:

1. Are you spiritually ready to serve?

Worship on Sundays (on and off stage) should reflect a lifestyle and heart of worship that is consistent with every other day of the week. Don’t just wait for Sunday to be intimate with Jesus.

 2. Are you prepared musically?

Rehearsals run so much smoother when everyone has listened to, practiced and ultimately learned the music. Being prepared also means bringing the same gear to practice that you plan to use for Sunday (chord sheets and lyrics are available via Planning Center Online). 

 3. Do you have the right attitude?

 When ideas and suggestions are presented/received with a positive attitude it makes for a much more effective team environment. Being open to constructive criticism is paramount as this team relies heavily on creative flexibility.

 4. Are you punctual?

 Everyone’s time is valuable so arriving early is always encouraged. Being punctual is an expression of respect for those serving with you. If something unexpected comes up and you know you’ll be late please let the Worship Coordinator know as soon as possible. 


5. How do you plan to dress?

Nothing revealing or too form fitting as it can be a distraction. Same goes for shirts with large text,“loud” logos, and vibrant colors. If you are ever uncertain, just ask.

 6. Is your schedule flexible?

We strive to give ample notice when scheduling by scheduling at least one month out but occasionally someone won’t be available to serve. Periodically check Planning Center Online for changes/adjustments as we may change what campus you are serving at and, if you’re a multi-instrumentalist, what instrument you are playing.

Audition Process: After you submit your application, our Worship Coordinator will contact you to set up an audition time and communicate what songs you will be playing. 

 DISCLAIMER: Not all applicants will be auditioned nor are they promised a position on the team. Not all those who audition are guaranteed a position on the team either. 

 Additional Expectations:

  1. Before joining the Worship Team we ask that you attend Next Steps and pursue a Community Group. How can we serve our Church if we aren’t plugged in and truly know the community we’re serving?

  2. Each week you are scheduled we want to see you attending a service. It’s important to understand our Church’s culture and vision. It’s also about setting an example as well as showing your support for our Church and our Pastors.

 Weekly Schedule:

 Thursday evenings from 6:45pm-8:30pm

We make it a point to start practice, as in everybody is plugged in and ready to go, right at 7pm. Planning to show up 10-15 minutes early is highly encouraged.

 Sunday mornings from 7:15am-12:45pm

Our Sunday morning run through is to start right at 7:30am and to be finished by 8:15am.


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