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This December Centerpoint will be hosting homeless children and their families in partnership with Family Promise starting Sunday, Dec 8th. During this time we will be hosting 2 – 4 families at our North Campus during the week. In order to serve and love these famIlies like Jesus does, we need your help!

Download the item list and look at the positions below to see how you or your family can serve
these famIlies, and help during one of their most difficult seasons of life. For positions that require training, training will be held Nov 17th at North Campus & Nov 24th South Campus in the Next Steps Room.

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Positions that DO NOT require training.
Positions that DO require training.

Positions Needed:

Positions that don’t require prior training

o    Set-Up team 6 – 8 people – Make classrooms into bedrooms.  Move furniture, unload the trailer, move & make beds and set up the guest “homes” on the first Sunday afternoon. 

o    Tear-Down team – As many as can help - Make bedrooms back into classrooms.  Move furniture, strip, fold up, and move the beds and load the trailer on the second Sunday morning. 

o   Dinner Preparation single individuals, family, or group - Dinner is a hot meal prepared at volunteers' homes and brought to the church.  It is served at about 6:30 PM.  Cooking dinner is a good opportunity for connect groups to get involved with the program.

o   Saturday Breakfast Preparer – Because the families normally don’t need to leave early on Saturday, we like to prepare a hot breakfast for them to enjoy. This person/family would need to prepare the meal at home and bring it to the church by 7am.  Best if trained. 

o   Breakfast / Sack Lunch Supplies – Individual or group – Provide cereals, milk, juice, granola bars, bread, lunch meat, individually packaged cookies, chips, etc.

o   Fruit Basket – individual or group – Provide fresh fruit all week

o   Laundry – individual or group – Wash sheets and hand towels at end of week and return for next use.

Positions that require training
We recommend all who plan to participate in the program in any capacity be trained, including staff).  Anyone who encounters and interacts with the families must go through Family Promise training.

o   Evening Host – 2 – 3 people each evening, or 15 – 20 people for the week.  Can include parents with children - These volunteers may be part of the dinner prep team or may arrive to eat with the guest.  Evening Host will welcome the guests every evening when they arrive at about 6:00 PM Dinner host socialize with guests, welcome newcomers, and assist parents with children's needs.  Dinner is an informal, shared meal family style.  After dinner, host may conduct children's activities, help with homework, or assist a guest with a particular need.

o   Overnight host – 2 people (one male and one female, or 14 people for the week - Two hosts spend the night at the church with the guests, in separate designated sleeping areas. Overnight hosts sometimes spend time with the guests, help older children with homework, and are available in case of emergency.  They wake guests around 5:30 AM and then set out a quick simple meal (cereal, muffins, toast, juice, coffee) before departing the church by 6:00 AM, along with our guests.