The vision God has given Centerpoint has not changed. It’s our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by connecting, serving and reaching. But now the need has become much greater.  There are over 100,000 people in our area who don’t believe Jesus is God. Now more than ever something must be done to reach those who are far from Jesus. 100,000 people seems overwhelming, but we must remember that Jesus made it about the one.
There is someone in your life, that you know is far from God. You can’t reach all 100,000 but you can reach the one.

Centerpoint Church - North
Launching Easter 2019


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Why now?

As the leadership, staff, pastors and elders of Centerpoint Church continually seek to fulfill the mission God has given us, we began to search for ways we could create more space in our gathering. As we sought council from outside leaders and organizations we discovered it would be a 2-3 year process to build a new facility. It became evident that opening a second campus would be the best option to reach the more than 100,000 in our area who don’t believe Jesus is God.

What will the services be like?

Each campus will have the exact same worship environments. As always we strive to create safe, welcoming, and encouraging experiences for both the long time follower of Jesus and those investigating faith. Both campuses will have live worship and a combination of live and simulcast teaching. Bridge builders will be serve between each campus.

Will THEIR be a 5 PM service?

There will no longer be a 5 PM service at this time. Our goal with launching a second campus is to create space for more people at optimal times that people attend church.

what will name of each campus be?

The facility on St, Cloud Rd will be identified as Centerpoint Church - North Campus and our current facility on Miller Rd will be identified as Centerpoint Church - South Campus.

WILL North Campus have its own children’s ministry?

Yes! Full children’s ministry will be provided by Centerpoint Kids at North Campus during all services.

Where will Velocity meet?

At this time Velocity will continue to meet at Centerpoint Church - South Campus on Wednesday’s at 6:30 PM.

Where will the grove meet?

At this time The Grove will continue to meet at Centerpoint Church - South Campus.

I Have more Questions. Who can I ask?

You can email info@centerpointfl,org or call our office (813) 689-1906. We will be glad to connect you with a bridge builder or staff member who can help answer your questions.