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Media Team

It doesn't matter if it's sound, lights, or slides, the media team is in charge of creating an environment that directly links people's experience with God through technology.

CC Worship

The Worship team has the privilege of leading people to God's goodness through music. They achieve this by creating a worship experience that is prepared in advance though weekly practices, thematic song selection, and by showing our guests that church music can be fun, contemporary and relevant.

Photography and Video Production Team

Most of our communication during the week is done through social media. We reach approximately 60% of our weekly attendance through the use of social media by using the pictures and short videos to show what CC is all about. Our photography and video team members photograph and record video clips before, during and after our normal service times, as well as during special events hosted by Centerpoint. 

Service Experience Team

Our service experience team has the responsibility to host the 75-minute service for our guests. They make sure to create a loving and welcoming environment from the stage as well as deliver announcements and information to our guests and attenders. 

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