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Giant-slayer. Humble shepherd. Mighty warrior. Legendary leader. Flawed man. In this series, we explore the life of one of history’s most famous kings and how his story intersects with our story

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Control is something we love to have but hate to have held over us.  We all like to be the boss and in charge but most of us feel that we don’t have that much of a say in many areas in life.  We’re told when to be at school, what to wear in the office, and even what we should eat.  While life can feel completely out of our control at times we all have a few things that we can control no matter what happens to us in life.  Because we’re so easily controlled by other things we have to fight to gain back control.  The list might be small but the impact on your life will be huge if you can learn to control these three key areas.


We all face uncertainty, struggle with insecurity, are under so much pressure, and feel opposition. It is enough to paralyze us sometimes! But what if the emotions are just a paper tiger? A paper tiger is something that appears strong, but, is all show and no substance, nothing to be feared. In this series, we’ll look at how to take back authority over the things that threaten control of your life. They’re just a paper tiger.

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Obstacles try to keep us from gathering, but good things happen when we don’t give up. At Centerpoint, we gather in order to grow in our relationship with Jesus. Two ways we do that is by serving together and gathering in community. Join us as we answer the question, what can be experienced when we gather?

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“God wants to make you holy not happy” Really? Are you sure? What if one of the primary indicators of a growing relationship with Jesus is your ability to enjoy the life he’s given you? Here’s the reality: Christians aren’t really known for being that joyful and happy. But it is a part of what God wants for our life even when life is difficult. So, how do you learn to enjoy life? .


We like to think about where we will be in five years, but don’t often stop to think through the small decisions we make today that can get us there. They can help us reach our goals or lead us completely off course. Those small, daily decisions will lead to somewhere. The question is - Is that where you want to be?

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There are moments that our hopes and dreams seem shattered. The dream of our marriage, our kids, our career, or our future. So, we ask a sea of seemingly unanswerable questions, and we struggle to move forward. We don’t like to talk about pain, anxiety, mental illness, suicide, and shame. No matter your story, Jesus can use our broken pieces and even put them back together.


The real-time is always different from rewind. The reality is that faith in real time is messy. The Easter rewind is different from the reality of Easter. All the heroes of faith abandoned Jesus on Easter weekend, but then something happened that changed everything.


All of us need something in our lives to help re-direct us at times. Like a rumble strip along a highway, we need to create some personal rumble strips to protect us in the areas that matter most. The areas of relationships and sex, our finances, and our time. In this series, we’ll look at how to create those protective rumble strips that alert us to danger and keep us from crashing our life into a wall. 


Almost every relationship we have is based on conditions, whether it’s our employer, teacher, friend or family member. It's hard to know how people truly feel about us or if they will accept us when we don’t measure up to the standards they have for us. We are searching for what only Jesus can provide.


We naturally gravitate toward what is comfortable. But what is comfortable is not always healthy. Jesus' invitation is for us as a church to step into your calling, but we have to step out of our comfort zone. If we are going to be the movement God created us to be, we must move. If we are going to impact culture, we must sacrifice. If we are going to be a light for people, we must engage the darkness. Are we willing to step out of what is comfortable and be that church in our city, in our generation.


Everyone is devoted to something, careers, money, family, children, fitness, food etc.  The things we’re devoted to will have a huge impact on our lives and ultimately shape how we treat the people around us.  In Jesus’ time the religious leaders claimed to be devoted to God but their true devotion to self was evident in how they treated the people God called them to care for. Truly being devoted to Jesus means we are devoted to helping the people he’s calling us to help.


Are you fighting a war within? Are you being held hostage by a version of yourself you don’t want to be? Learn to get out of your own way. Declare war on the things that are holding you back, and discover the secret weapons you need to achieve ongoing victory.


The vision God has given Centerpoint has not changed. It’s our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by connecting, serving and reaching. But now the need has become much greater. There are over 100,000 people in our area who don’t believe Jesus is God. Now more than ever something must be done to reach those who are far from Jesus. 100,000 people seems overwhelming, but we must remember that Jesus made it about the one. There is someone in your life, that you know is far from God. You can’t reach all 100,000 but you can reach the one.


The season that is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year can be anything but. Instead, we are reminded of unreconciled relationships, uncomfortable family dinners, or unfulfilled expectations. The ghosts of our past show up at the most uninvited times. But the Christmas Story has the power to give us freedom from that past and lead us into an extraordinary future. It’s the point of Christmas. Join us as we slay the ghosts of Christmas past.


Our world is not as it should be. There is pain, evil, and injustice all around us. In the age of social media, it is easier than ever to stay informed about all sorts of injustices, but is sending a tweet, posting a selfie, or sharing a video about an inspiring cause is really all it takes to make a difference in the world? Or is it possible that justice is about something much more than a hashtag? In this 4-week series, we want to be challenged by Scripture to love mercy, act justly, walk humbly, and then actually do something.


In the beginning, sin broke everything. Our world was shattered. We began to down a path of destruction and heartbreak. But God did not leave us there. No matter what you are facing Jesus can help you find hope, healing, and redemption.


We’ve gotten Jesus all wrong.

A lot is known about him, but he’s not really known. He has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, and his message hijacked for two thousand years by those who claim to be his followers and by skeptics alike. His life has been filtered through the lens of church backgrounds, political agendas, religious movements, and our own pre-conceived ideas. Consequently, many are following a man they down really know, and a generation is walking away from following a man who doesn’t really exist. In this series, we’ll look at the unfiltered version of Jesus. What we’ll discover may lead you to give Jesus another look.


Around The table

You were created for more. You were created for community and meaningful relationships, the problem is relationships can be hard. We often struggle to connect with people and create meaningful ties in the in our communities and neighborhoods. In this series discover how we can grow closer to God and
one another. 


Swipe Right

In a culture of internet porn and “hit it and quit it”, a lot has changed in how we view sex and romance. In fact, many of us have given up on the idea of romance, are fed up with hooking up as usual, are disillusioned with relationships, or are looking for something more in our marriage. God is the originator of sex and romance and his plan for it is good. Whether you are single, married, young, or old this series is for you as we look at how to swipe right to find great sex and romance as God intended.


The real you

We all place our value in something, most of us place it in things like what we do (work), what we have (money/possessions) or who we know (relationships).  All of these things are good when kept in the right place in our lives but when we place too much of our value on them they can be bad things and even destructive to us.  Over the next 3 weeks, we’re going to see how easy it is to place our value in these things instead of what God says about us and find a way to reestablish our value in the right place.


Chasing daylight

We have been called by Jesus into a divine purpose for our lives that is much bigger than us. It is a call to live life with furious urgency around Jesus’s agenda and as part of Jesus movement. We are given one opportunity to pursue this divine purpose. We don’t get any time back. Every moment counts. We don’t know what hangs in the balance, but we must engage, we must move past passivity, we must put aside our need for perfection, and we must seize the moment God has given us.

Are you willing to step out of what is comfortable? Are you willing to risk failure? Are you willing move forward into the adventure God intends for your life?